Under the banner of “inclusivity”, the patients have been allowed to run the asylum – also known as California’s elite Berkeley University.

The birthplace of the free speech movement in the 1960s is continuing it’s free fall down the rabbit hole of relativism after it unanimously voted to replace 40 gender-specific words within its city code with “gender-neutral terms”.

Masculine and feminine pronouns will be replaced by “they” and “them,” manhole will become maintenance hole, fraternities will become “collegiate Greek system residences”.

The list goes on.

The brainwashed Robin Hood of wokeness, and co-flagbearer of this staggeringly pompous endeavour, 23-year-old former Berkeley student Rigel Robinson postulated that “women and non-binary people are just as deserving of accurate representation” as men. Double yawn.

Bless him. He’s trying to make a difference from the ivory tower of his €35,000-per-year acclaimed academic institution.

Who cares about the homeless people lining the streets of San Francisco, when words like “manpower” are being spoken freely and easily.

But by standing up for hyper-trendy gender identity, he and his comrades are pushing a socialist agenda which is helping to unravel the First Amendment. How frightening.

And yet the gender-less language movement is spreading quicker than wildfire.

A new “inclusive language guide”, compiled by Colorado State University, found that the word “America” is “non-inclusive” and should be avoided due to the fact that America “encompasses more than just the US”.

Other offensive words are male and female/ladies and gentlemen/Mr/Mrs/Ms.

Maybe now is a time to remind you of founder father George Washington’s famous words: “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” I’ll leave it there.

Or shall I ponder how odd it is that renowned centres of learning are capitulating to the warped ideology of a bunch of teenagers with too much time on their hands?

People who are offended by pronouns and are willing to act upon said offence make up less than 1pc of the population. The rest of us, couldn’t give a damn and yet they get kudos and power.

One per cent of people wear wellingtons on their heads and think the Earth is flat; why don’t they get the same esteem as someone who thinks “mandolin” should be replaced with nonbinarygenderfluidlgbt-dolin?

And what’s even worse is that you get flogged if you don’t go along with it.

When Canadian professor of psychology Jordan Peterson refused to use gender-neutral pronouns, he set off a political and cultural firestorm.

During a free speech rally in Toronto in 2016, he was drowned out by noise, there was pushing and shoving, and he had to lock himself into his office with the door glued shut.

“Inclusion,” you say?

Censorship under the banner of “standing up for minorities” isn’t inclusive, it’s exclusive.

Only someone without a care in the world and no understanding of adversity can waste time on such nonsense.

Unfortunately, it’s happening in Irish campuses too. Trinity College banned the word “freshman” to be more “inclusive” even though the silenced majority never really cared in the first place.

Ultimately we can’t let minorities make decisions affecting majorities. It’s unhealthy.

It causes division and by pandering to the petulance of young inexperienced people, we aren’t doing them any favours in the long term.

So speaking of holes, I suggest the term a**hole for further use.


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