Is there nothing sacred? Now they want to take away our favourite booze ban. Some of us enjoyed buying in bulk on holy Thursday and getting rip roaringly drunk on Good Friday afternoon listening to tunes in some garden somewhere.
I think it would be infinitely more pressing and beneficial to lift the nanny state 10pm curfew of booze, which has us all charging to Indian eateries like gnus buying €30 bottles of the worst wine known to humanity.
“We need a secular state. We can’t have the Catholic Church controlling everything..” ZZZzzzzzzz says a millennial drone who wasn’t there in the first place…
No we don’t. Just get back to your kale crisps and self indulgent narcissism you dweeb. We need the Catholic Church in order to be Irish- without it we might as well be Danish or Dutch and why would we want to do that? Has anyone noticed how humourless Irish people have become since the church doesn’t have power over us anymore and we have nothing to rebel against? That plus social media means RIP to our particular brand of wit.
So I’m saying NO to lifting the booze ban. It doesn’t even have anything to do with the church. I like the olden days more than today, so I’d like to hang onto one tradition at least you imbeciles and I’m not even Catholic.


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