I was thinking of hosting a women’s empowerment conference. I’d get a few mediocre speakers, enlist some z list drones to talk about office style (even though they have no style), throw together a few goodie bags and charge €200 per head. Afterwards I’ll be empowered because I will have extracted hard earned cash from my minions.
Meanwhile my minions will think they’re empowered and come back another time for more tripe. Unfortunately I’m a decent human being with some level of decorum so my money making enterprise didn’t get off the ground, but lots of successful women around the world are making a packet. Under the umbrella of feminism you can do anything to rip off your sisters, who have become pawns in the great female empowerment lie.
After creating her new jeans line, which celebrates ‘all shapes,’ Khloe Kardashian is lining her and her momager Khris Kardashian’s denim pockets. Designed to exploit women who feel insecure about their physical form, the jeans can be bought from zero to 24 and after you’re bought them, the worst dressed women on the planet won’t care how you feel about yourself.

Victoria Beckham has also been empowering her pockets with her new clothing range for the US low discount store Target. “I want women to feel empowered  when they wear my clothes,” she said. No you don’t. You want to compete with your husband and do better than those other moronic fools from your awful quintet. Your clothes are bland and not empowering. At all. In any way.

The Spice Girls were a joke- a narcissistic, talentless marketed machine made rich by insecure women around the world, with a worryingly lack of musical taste. Victoria Beckham knows these women still exist and is making another mint out of them. Why are you allowing it?
We should never celebrate lack of talent or banality- and most certainly we shouldn’t support it financially.
A lot of successful women don’t want to help other women be successful. Its the last thing they want. They are jealous, backstabbing, over -their-dead-granny-walking bitches from the depths of hell who would sooner eat their own flesh than see you do well.
Thats why the feminism argument is so ludicrous. I would happily admit, I can be one of these myself from time to time. When I was racing cars, I remember seeing the only women in the competition crash spectacularly on her first lap and my Schadenfreude knew no bounds. I laughed, knowing that I would have my evil way and be the only women amongst men.
Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying through their fake smiles.
So next time you see an empowerment breakfast, luncheon, dinner or product anything that requires you to part with your cash- ignore it. They hate you and just want want your money. Don’t give it to them.


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