It’s been a busy week for feminists.

Oh really you ask?  Did they make headway in the battle against gender segregation in conservative nations, where women are often raped and tortured just for being alive? Did they stand up to domestic violence and rape culture? Did they finally down tools and tell their significantly others; ‘I’m off for a pint. I need to get the head together. I’ve had a long day,’ and walk out of the family home at tea time.

No.  They trolled Melania Trump. Again. This time it was for her satorial choices. She wore clothes. Not the right ones. On a trip to Saudi Arabia, a Muslim theocracy, she eschewed a headscarf, even though it is the favoured attire for women, yet in the Vatican, she wore a mantilla during her audience with the pope.

Her spokeswoman said Catholic Melania was following Vatican protocol. Apparently there was no requirement for her to be accoutred in a certain way in Saudi Arabia.

Princess Diana and the Queen wore black when they visited the pope- on separate occasions may I add.  I don’t recall punters morbidly joking that they were ‘dressing for the job they wanted’ ie. to be widows, which they did repeatedly on social media after photographs of Melania emerged.

Its funny how it’s totally OK to slag and abuse a privileged Christian white woman, yet everyone else is off bounds for fear of offence.

That’s the thing about modern feminists. They’re so deeply offended by certain things, yet don’t want to cause offence when it comes to uncomfortable issues like the subjugation of women in certain religions. Modern feminism chooses to live in a comfort zone of non issues like the made up gender pay gaps (snore), the lack of middle class female CEOs and board members (I’d rather eat my own flesh than be either and so would lots of women), the shaming of breastfeeding mothers, which doesn’t happen,  and sexism at work (zzzzz.)

This week, rather than condemn the Manchester suicide bomber Salman Adebi, who left 22 innocent people dead in a disgusting attack on western culture, many feminists and liberals decided he was a victim of social exclusion and chose to just blame masculinity as a whole.
Yep. Men. White men even. It’s all their fault. The “heteropatriarchal order” is to blame. He was just a pawn. Plus think of all the awful things us Westerners do so we kind of deserve it.

Rolling Stone Magazine suggested that ‘Misogyny keeps women down in every country, every ideology, every religion.”

Sorry, but my religion, even though I don’t practice, doesn’t keep women down. It wouldn’t know how to, so can you just put a star beside that statement and a footnote at the bottom of the page.

Like all narcissists, feminists like to be at the centre of everything, even bombs. Ariana Grande is a feminist with a largely female following so it makes sense, they claim that a madman wants to destroy this. They are right, but what about the guy who tried to walk into the Stad  de France in Paris last year when Germany were playing France in a friendly match with a bomb strapped to him. That sounds more like an act of misandry to me? Or maybe he didn’t like German football. Maybe the caliphate just hate our core values and everything we stand for, and women and gays and men and freedom and music and laughter and love and football and everything in between.

So what do Irish women make of all this? Do they also believe it’s safer to attack an entire gender rather than the specific muslim men who murdered innocent people for fear of being racist? Oh no. They have bigger fish to fry. They’ve been busying themselves with a cause so filled with sanctimonious tommyrot, that I nearly lost my lunch reading it. In a break from usual pro abortion activities, the feminist community of Ireland has ganged up on working class ‘straight white man,’ Frankie Gaffney, who stated in an article in the Irish Times that identity politics divides people, and how facile it was to equate ‘straight, white men’ with privilege.

So a campaign entitled #CopOnComrades, involving a group of women with too much time on their hands was born. They want highlight how offended they are at those who shared the article. Yes. That’s what I wrote. Men who shared the piece are being scrutinised.

I suggest feminists look up the word fascism, which means having ‘oppressive, or intolerant views or practice,’ and post it on their fridge door in favour of a positive feminist meme or an old photo, and make sure they see it every morning when they reach for their almond milk. They may also want to look up liberalism too.

Oh yeah and feminism.


    • fascism

      Oxford English Dictionary: mass noun
      1An authoritarian and nationalistic system of government and social organization.
      Example sentencesSynonyms
      1.1 (in general use) extreme authoritarian, oppressive, or intolerant views or practices.

      • From what I am reading from the left these days it basically means anything that defends White people (esp White straight males) or who they don’t agree with because they dare to speak truths like Whites were taken as slaves to Africa by the Ottoman Empire right up till the start of the last century…decades after White Christian countries outlawed slavery.

  1. Has anyone been keeping track of what feminism really is?

    How about the power of feminist thought?

    Feminists are extremely powerful in the EU, WHO and UN despite these organisations being in control of billions and are supposed to look after all our welfare not one of them has a single report on the issue of domestic abuse against men.

    Have a read of the Istanbul Convention and see if any of it resonates with anyone, especially look at who the Convention is for Chapter 1 Article 1(a)

    “protect women against all forms of violence, and prevent, prosecute and eliminate violence against women and domestic violence;”

    So most of the governments around the EU signed up for this.

    Have a look at this nonsense as well

    Article 3 – Definitions
    “gender” shall mean the socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for women and men;”

    I thought I was male because I am male….it seems according to the fruitloops who wrote this feminist garbage not.


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