Irish female comedians are the death knell of Irish comedy

The veritable nail has been hammered into the coffin of Irish TV comedy with RTE’s newest attempt to pander to the cultural Zeitgeist. If you...

Women’s football will never be ‘better than men’s’ while posturing feminists don’t care

'The Women's World Cup is a roaring success. It's exactly like the men's World Cup," said no one - well maybe a few feminists...

A moment of clarity’ on trying to quit smoking by accident

Link to original article in The Irish Times here I gave up cigarettes by accident. It coincided – give or take a few weeks –...

Chocolate is racist- whatever next?

Read original article here You can't help but throw your head back and laugh. This was the week chocolate was racist. Whatever next? Bobby Brown? Coffee?...

Why haven’t we cashed in on Valentines Day?

St Valentine, the patron saint of love was executed hideously in Rome in the 3rd century. His crime — secretly marrying couples in a time...

Forget the backstop as Ireland unites on field of dreams

link to original article in Irish Independent In these heady times of peak Brexit hysteria, and Cuban Missile Crisis panic, you'd think it is impossible...

Bono is right – capitalism is the best system we have

When Bono speaks, we disagree. At the annual gathering of global elites at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the U2 frontman said capitalism...

Save me from egomaniacal health fiends

Link to article in Irish Independent here There's a scene in the film version of Umberto Eco's classic historical murder mystery 'The Name of the...

Barbara McCarthy: ‘In these ‘manless’ times, it’s still worth nabbing a decent one’

Link to article in Independent here 'I have lots of fire in my belly, and ambition in my soul, but why this struggle? Why am...

Only a musical movement can save us from social media void

It's impossible to imagine, but in 2010 you could walk down the street without wearing headphones. The human right to be offended was merely...

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