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Please find links to articles I have written for various media outlets on this page. I will update them regularly.

Baptism of fire: how I took my three-year-old to Burning Man

Link to article in Sunday Independent here So you're going to spend the week in the desert with a three-year-old, surrounded by hippies on acid?...

Convicted of drug trafficking, Bronwyn Atherton arrives home in Sydney after eight years in...

Read original article in Sydney Morning Herald here: "I've been waiting for this moment for so long, it's overwhelming," says a tearful Bronwyn Atherton as...

Ibiza uncovered

Ibiza uncovered Bodies were strewn across the departure gate for the Ibiza-Dublin flight as out-cold ravers recovered from a few hard days partying on the...

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The great women’s empowerment lie- don’t fall for it.

I was thinking of hosting a women’s empowerment conference. I’d get a few mediocre speakers, enlist some z list drones to talk about office...

No we shouldn’t lift the Good Friday booze ban.. here’s why:

Is there nothing sacred? Now they want to take away our favourite booze ban. Some of us enjoyed buying in bulk on holy Thursday and getting...

Washington inauguration

15/01/17 Looking forward to the inauguration of Donald Trump in  Washington. I will be reporting live from various marches and events between Wednesday and...

  14/12/2016- only one month to go to the inauguration of Donald Trump... here's ode to the last republican president - from our erstwhile website. theelevator.ie....

May day in Dublin as a Roma

An article I wrote for the Independent this weekend. 2nd Nov 2014 http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/news/my-day-on-the-streets-as-a-roma-30710575.html My day on the streets as a Roma Barbara McCarthy experienced first-hand what it's...

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My little cub goes wild for big cats on African safari

Original article in Sunday Times here Many parents might think Barbara McCarthy brave to take her four-year-old daughter, Romi, on safari in Kruger National Park,...

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