Barbara McCarthy: ‘Now the festivities are over, smug environmentalism is back’

Link to original article in Irish Independent on Jan 4 here After a brief interlude to accommodate the season of debauchery that churns out more...

My manifesto: the 20s must be roaring, not boring

Link to article in Sunday Independent here The 20s are coming. Not a moment too soon. The last time round, they were glorious. Nihilistic hedonism,...

As the Amazon burns, the hypocrisy of Europe sickens

And just like that, politicians were outraged, upset and angry about the forest fires in Brazil and surrounding countries. It’s heartening that rabid deforestation, and...

Can we save the world from overtourism?

When Portueguese nobleman Bartolomeu Dias sailed around the Cape of Good Hope for the first time in 1488, he opened up a trade route...

Meet the Irish woman trying to preserve the environment

Laura Kehoe is studying links between Europe and deforestation in Latin America Laura Kehoe is passionate about the natural world. In the name of conservation,...

Action not just words vital to save Brazil’s rainforests

Action not just words vital to save Brazil’s rainforests One-sixth of the carbon footprint of EU diets is directly Thu, May 9, 2019, 01:00 Barbara McCarthy In 2011...

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