If I read one more ‘shrouded in shame, ‘women’s autonomy’’ or ‘prohibition against bodily rights” headline in relation to the abortion referendum, I’m going to lose my lunch.

This week, the world’s media cast its spotlight on Ireland, where a possible date – sometime in May will be set to hold our much hyped abortion referendum.  Not wanting to sound like a desperate bride-to-be or anything, but will you just set the date already. In terms of build up this is bigger than a Led Zeppelin reunion but much less fun.

Anyway, the usual blurb was ejaculated- if you don’t mind the pun, onto the pages of many a global news website. “The Irish cabinet gave the go-ahead for a referendum to relax the country’s strict abortion laws on Monday, 35 years after the Catholic-majority country enshrined abortion as a crime in its constitution,” CNN reported.

In Northern Ireland, women can get life imprisonment for having an abortion, in Ireland its 14 years in jail The Guardian stated in a typically pro choice offering.

I’m not great on figures, so maybe someone can tell me exactly how many women are sitting in prison for having an abortion.

You’d swear the angry mob with their ‘fuck everyone’ banners were protesting outside the Dochas centre on behalf of all the women doing time for getting rid of their babies.

Post marxism, herd mentally and loony leftism has angry abortion bussers believing that abortions are about inequality.

Just to set you straight, having an abortion means killing a foetus, which will be a baby- a human, basically, so where does that have to do with gender equality? Did I miss something? Can men have have abortions up to 12 weeks? What the hell are these people banging on about? Men have autonomy over their bodies because they don’t carry a third party in there. It’s like the race card, modern narrative ensures that everything has to be about equality, regardless of how ludicrous it is.

For me, what’s more offensive than going to England to have an abortion is the fact that we live in a country where the politically correct alternative to single parenthood is having an abortion.

No one seems to think there’s anything wrong with that- bar Nell McCafferty, who was luckily talking sense in this heated week of banter and repealjumpering.

A raging feminist since the Viking berserkers invaded Ireland, McCafferty wisely asked ‘what do we offer a young pregnant mother in Ireland?’ In a poignant contribution’ on Claire Byrne Live on RTE on Monday night. “There’s no room at the Inn for them,” she insisted. “I don’t talk about abortion without putting it in the context of contraception, safe sex, social housing.” “Why,” she asked, does this never get mentioned by TDs. Why indeed? Rather than go around the place with banners and crass language do young women not push for better sex education and contraception? Also the rental crisis should be a much bigger part of the abortion debate than it is.

It’s one of the main reasons why women would have abortions. If you live in Monaghan, Roscommon or Leitrim, where rents are cheap, fine you can keep your kid, but if you live in Dublin, get rid, the actual campaign should read.

If you live in Dublin, and you’re a single parent who works and doesn’t get money from the state or from the father, you need have to earn at least €60,000 per year to have a mediocre time of it when you include childcare at over €1000 and rent at €1800. So how’s about you cap the rents?

People are so brainwashed into thinking that abortions are a good thing, it’s rare you hear anyone ‘shrouded in shame’- like the papers suggest. Many are singing it from the rooftops. “I had an abortion and I’m proud.” Good for you. If you want to be shrouded in shame, be a single mum. Where’s the dad? Does he not have to pay? Not really no, if you’re not married, legally you get pittance- certainly not enough to fight over. Is that fair or just?

When I was pregnant some people asked me, if I thought of having an abortion? I’m like, dude I’m 39. What do you think I’m gonna do? Wait till I meet a nice guy, who’s cool and fun and will look after my next child and I in the style to which I am accustomed. Seriously? When does that happen?

If you want to talk about abortion, talk about homelessness, greed, rogue landlords and the creation of the next bubble. Talk about how, even if you are in a managerial position, as a single parent, you can’t afford to live in the city you were born in, close to family and friends. Where are the pro abortionists now?

What’s most interesting about all the talk of abortion and the back and forth and the tweets, the hashtags, the angry banners, is that women in Ireland will be utterly shocked and amazed to find that should we Repeal the 8th, they a). still have to travel when they want to have an abortion and b) still have an abortion and go through all the emotions they’d have to go through if they were to catch a one hour flight.

And bar the few who have to travel under appalling conditions of fatal foetal abnormality, the flight is not the problem- its the abortion itself.


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