So with just moments to go, the entire country collectively probably can’t wait till this referendum is OVER. That said, i don’t think there will be a great turnout. The last referendum was about love, this one’s about death, so for up to 20 percent of the electorate, its just too hard to choose one over another. I’m kind of there myself.

The YES militia can’t understand our stance.  How could I not just vote YES in this once in a generational opportunity? ‘Am woman, must shout’ after all. Its for our sisters, mothers and friends who are forced to get the ferry to cold Liverpool after nightfall where no one can see them, stigmatised, alone, spat out by their own country and ignored by the 8th Amendment.

How can I not be righteous and willing to walk over hot coals in my decision to vote YES. Why am I not shouting from the rooftops? ‘I’m voting yes and I’m more right than all of you.’ Well I’m not and here’s why I’m undecided: I may or may not speak for the rest of the undecideds too.

Firstly, I’d settle for either outcome. If its a YES. Amazing. We never have to talk about abortions again. People can get their knickers in a twist about the rental crisis that is destroying a generation of lives. They can get gather around trees getting felled for no reason rather than posters being painted over.

The pro lifers will retreat gracefully after a post mortems, then- quiet.

Women who had an abortions and regretted them, couples who can’t have kids, women who lost babies due to miscarriage won’t have to see disturbing posters again or have to listen to rampant abortionist loons losing their collective minds over issues that in many cases don’t affect them at all.

Secondly, the YES campaign has hijacked a very small amount of very distressing cases, thereby it was pretty poor.

We’re being asked to vote on abortion on demand for the 97 odd percent of women, for whom pregnancy is the last thing in the world they wanted. Now they have to travel, for whatever reason, often sad, often selfish, often alone, and sometimes just often.

It’s frustrating that the repealers used fatal foetal abnormality, rape, Savita, the Catholic Church and gender wars as their weapon. Even now, at this late stage, this is all they’re managing to pull out of the bag.

Its odd that the government didn’t just suggest repealing the 8th to include these awful cases and most normal people would have voted yes. I guess single parents are expensive. Most women abort because they feel they have no support, so it annoys me that this is the only solution we have to single parenthood. Also, turning hospitals into killing fields is a lucrative business.

There have been some fantastic, knowlegeable, dedicated YES campaigners and it’s a shame feminists, man haters and women who lets face it, don’t want other women to have kids made this campaign about them.

Everyone has their own agenda in this referendum, but besides all that, I just can’t bring myself to vote YES.

My third and most valuable point is that despite the righteous repeal jumpers- and the fact that women are merely ‘exporting’ their issues and having abortions anyway, an abortion means killing a baby and I can’t get behind that, regardless of its benefits that have been sold by abortionists- i.e. population control, getting rid of a ’bunch of cells’,  autonomy over our bodies, getting the pope off our reproductive organs etc.

That said, I’m not going to get in a fight about it. If someone wants to vote YES, go ahead. We live in a democracy.

Unlike a lot of YES voters, the undecideds are pretty chilled and not conforming to the social engineering that could be happening here.

Abortion is the distressing issue, more so than the flight -again I’m focusing purely on the 97 percent here. You have to travel to the UK alone perhaps. Thats tough, no doubt, but single parents have to do everything alone and they still get stigmatised in this country.

So why not vote NO then? Well, I still don’t like to involve myself in other people’s business. It’s not up to me what people do, and no doubt, for all women, abortion is not an easy decision, especially in those exceptional circumstances and who am I to judge them.

I’m pro life, not just pro birth, which many NO’s are.

If its a NO and the repealers tear across the city like an angry mob, then there may be another referendum to amend the Pregnancy Act and women will be allowed to have abortions at home in hard cases.

After that we can collectively look forward to #repeal38.



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