NOW blows chunks and it’s getting worse. Patholigical altruism, virtue signalling, judgmental people posing as ‘positivity’ warriors who post videos of themselves walking in the woods on social media, gender wars, authoritarian bigots posing as liberals, feminists.. etc… yawn.

Despite the fact that the world is full of climate change protestors, none of them seem to want to forego their millennial comforts. If you really care about climate, travel less.. get a bus to Enniscorthy on summer holidays. The Karakoram mountains and the Himalayas are full of rubbish from sanctimonious vegan trekkers who want to ‘be the boss of me’ and enjoy experience culture not purchase culture..  thereby flying more than ever before and making every single part of the world theirs to conquer.

New York, San Francisco and London used to be great.. now shit..  Artists could live there, so could students, pimps, hookers, musicians, geeks, punters, etc.. Now they’re replaced with type A transient Google workers who are zero craic… this pisses me off. So do lots of other things about now. Here they are:

  1. Having a personality is passe. Mad bastards/ nutters/free spirited people- not the positivity meme ones, are all but gone.. 7bn people on the planet and most of them are boring af.. People grow up without creating a personality because online culture won’t allow their brains to be free.. then there’s the liberal elites.. don’t start.
  2. Cities have lost their souls due to high rental costs… The interesting people have been pushed out.
  3. Millennials..indulged, smug, entitled, void of any kind of personality..
  4. The internet- sure its great. It has lots of great things, but its taken the special out of everything.
  5. Gluten intolerance, kale crisps, almond milk, chia seeds
  6. Health and fitness.
  7. There’s no musical movement – from the swinging 60s though to the raving 90s with disco and mod in between- now there is NOTHING.
  8. Armchair warriors
  9. Herd mentality. Women’s marches in the west.
  10. Hipster beards



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